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NBA Creators presented by Microsoft is a design-focused program that leverages the NBA and Microsoft’s platforms to elevate and increase exposure of Canadian illustrators and graphic designers who identify as Black, Indigenous, Asian, Hispanic or Latinx. Five new Creators will be selected in 2021 and have the opportunity to share their commissioned art and stories on NBA channels.

Submission Deadline
Monday, November 29th at 9am Et


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2020 creators

Corbin portillo

Corbs (Corbin Portillo) is a Hamilton-born & raised artist who specializes in digital illustration with 10+ years of experience working with an array of professional brands and athletes. Corbin designs on a Surface Studio and is well known for his unique, detailed and colourful surrealism-collage illustrations with a heavy inspiration and influence from his basketball upbringing. Corbin has worked with many notable clients including Adidas, NBA and Complex.

cornelia li

Cornelia Li is a Chinese-born illustrator currently based in Toronto. She is intrigued by narrative weaved into daily interaction between people and their surroundings and set out to capture the relationship by externalizing the ideas and emotions into elements in her images. Cornelia designs on a Surface Studio and her work has been recognized by the Society of Illustrators, American Illustration, Communication Arts, The AOI, 3x3 Illustration, National Magazine Award, and more.


meech boakye

Meech Boakye is a Canadian illustrator that designs on a Surface Studio with a H.BA in Visual Studies from the University of Toronto. Their illustrations have been published in print and online in several publications with past clients including Google, Facebook, Spotify, Skittles & The Globe & Mail.


rafael mayani

Rafael Mayani is a Mexican artist based in Vancouver. By day he's an Associate Creative Director at Giant Ant. By night, a freelance illustrator working with some of the most exciting brands out there (mostly after his son Rio goes to bed). He got his start studying Industrial Design at UNAM in Mexico City, quickly pivoting on to a Visual Arts course at Atelier Design School in Barcelona, after which he began a career creating whimsical characters that play with form, scale, colour and perspective. Rafael designs on a Surface Studio and his work can be found in a variety of media, from children's picture books to various magazines and newspapers. He's designed murals in Slovenia, Illustrated a new edition of The Jungle Book, Created a Google Doodle and Art Directed the new intro to Pinky and the Brain.


will selviz

Born in Venezuela, raised in Kuwait, Will Selviz emigrated to Canada in 2013, and is an Afro-Caribbean multidisciplinary designer who specializes in immersive media technologies including 3D animation, virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and 360 video. After graduating from OCAD University's Digital Futures program, Will founded RENDRD Media, a remote 3D animation studio, and RENDRD Foundation, a non-profit organization whose mission is to employ youth from under represented communities at the intersection of creative and digital innovation. RENDRD Media's clients include Nike, Revolt TV, Prada, Bell Media, and Universal Music. Will's early career was heavily influenced by the electronic music scene, being one of the youngest concert photographers in Canada at 19. His distinct visual branding led him to shoot Coachella and EDC Vegas. Will designs on a Surface Studio and his work has been featured on major digital and print publications, front covers, and billboards in Times Square and Yonge-Dundas Square.


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I’m interested in learning more about Microsoft Surface devices – where do I find out more information?
To learn more about Microsoft devices, click here.
How are NBA Creators Selected?
All submissions will be evaluated by a panel of representatives from the NBA, Microsoft, OCAD University, and The Standard. The successful five (5) submissions will be contacted within 3 weeks of the submission deadline. All submissions will be evaluated and considered. The NBA will work with successful candidates and enter into fair market value agreements with each artist.
NBA Creators Requirements
The NBA Creators presented by Microsoft program was developed to eliminate barriers for emerging Canadian BIPOC artists. NBA Creators must be legally able to enter into agreements with the NBA for the creative we’ll develop together.
What should my submission include?
The purpose of the submission process is to get an understanding of each artist’s full scope of work and style, along with their personal interests and passions. Successful NBA Creators will work with the NBA and Microsoft to develop creative that will be primarily distributed through digital and social channels. Additional weight will be provided to creative that translates well across those distribution channels.
When is the Submission Deadline?
The submission window begins on November 8th, 2021 at 10am and closes Monday, November 29th, 2021 at 9am EST. All submissions during the open submission window will be evaluated.
NBA Creators presented by Microsoft Projects
The selected NBA Creators will be commissioned to develop and design work using Microsoft Surface devices promoting the NBA’s biggest moments including NBA All-Star, NBA Playoffs, NBA Finals, and more... The work will be distributed primarily through NBA and Microsoft digital and social channels.